Saturday, October 22, 2011

One World Theatre 10/22/11

The Stauch and Carpenter Wedding at One World Theatre in Austin, TX was very elegant. I performed with Pat Whitefield (bass) and Chris Wallis (drums) during dinner as a trio for the first part of the evening, performing light jazz and blues. Then, after the first three hours, we were joined by Rob Roy Parnell (vocal, harmonica), Ralph Ibarra (guitar), Doug Mains (trumpet), and Dan Torosian (sax) for a couple of sets of good music. Fun night all around!

Dog and Pony Grill 10/21/11

Tonight was another great weather evening show with Rob Roy Parnell and the band. My first time performing in Boerne, TX and it's a cool place for music! Good food while we were on break from a really friendly staff. The night was filled with blues and Rob's original material, and we even played an extra hour for the people!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Zipline Event 10/20/11

A cool night in Wimberly, TX made for an easy gig on the patio after a big group's zip lining event with Rob Roy Parnell and the band. We kept the volume down, and the people danced with us for the evening. The band sounded great, and we were loving how lots of folks had glow sticks attached to their shoes. It was like a Rob Roy rave! ;-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hearthstone Country Club 10/15/11

Jeff Gaynor and I provided a Piano-To-Go show via Howl At The Moon Houston at a very nice country club called Hearthstone. The people were there for a three day shootout golf tournament, and we provided the final night's entertainment. This was my first show working with Jeff, and he really knows his stuff. I've said it before, gigs are always better with well-prepared band mates! Thanks Houston!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art & Eco Fest 10/15/11

This morning, I performed from 10a-11a for the opening of the San Marcos, TX Art & Eco Fest, where the city came up with a great outdoor festival to engage the people in a healthy and fun discussion about the city's future and how to help the environment. Lots of music, food and vendors made me wish I could've stayed all day, but immediately following this show, I hopped in my car and headed to another show down in Houston!

Friday, October 14, 2011

AJ's Ale House 10/13/11

Tonight marked my first show at the second location of the Rock N Roll piano show club known as AJ's Ale House. I drove about an hour-and-a-half northwest of my home to reach the club in Marble Falls, TX. Very cool set up with a huge stage was waiting for me, as well as the very talented drummer, Joe Resnick. We played from 9:30p-12:30a, and then I rushed back home to get some much needed rest!
On stage in Marble Falls, TX

Saturday, October 8, 2011

State Fair of Texas 10/8/11

It was a beautiful day in Dallas, TX today as I joined up with Rob Roy Parnell and the band on the Chevrolet stage at the 125th State Fair of Texas. We played two hours of Rob's music, as University Of Texas took on Oklahoma University in the Red River Rivalry at the Cotton Bowl. Tons of people flooded the fairgrounds, which made for a fun afternoon show. Dave Milsap (on guitar) joined us for this show, and sounded great. Chris Wallis (on drums) and I were running on only a couple hours sleep, but the energy of the show easily motivated us. Coffeeboy (on guitar) and Pat Whitefield (on bass) filled out the sound behind Rob. Fun, fun, fun!!!

AJ's Ale House 10/7/11

Chris Wallis (on drums) was back with me again tonight for a crazy Friday night show, which was an appropriate beginning to a crazy gig schedule for the two of us. Naturally, we had a great crowd who brought up some great requests, and Chris and I covered them all to the best of our abilities. But as soon as the show was done, we had to tear down as fast as we could so we could get back to Chris' house for about 4 hours of sleep before having to get up to drive to our big show tomorrow with Rob Roy Parnell at the Texas State Fair in Dallas! Whew!

Friday, October 7, 2011

AJ's Ale House 10/6/11

Last night, the great Chris Wallis (drums) joined me for his first show at AJ's in New Braunfels, TX, and he helped me keep the people dancing. We slammed through every request which came across the piano, including some Beatles, Queen, Elton John and, of course, Journey. Sometimes, your first night can be rough on you, but not for Chris. He handled every tune I threw at him with grace and confidence. Good job, Chris, and we'll both be back tonight at AJ's for Friday night fun!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

AJ's Ale House 10/1/11

Interesting crowd tonight in New Braunfels, TX. Lots of different kinds of tunes requested, most all were unusual choices. A few typical requests popped up, you know, "Sweet Caroline" and "Don't Stop Believing", but so did "Fly Me To The Moon" and "House Is Rockin'", as well as "Get Down Tonight" and "Tipitina". Joe Resnick held down a beat for all the tunes with no problem, and the crowd stayed until the very end!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chartreuse Hair Studio 10/1/11

Fun party tonight celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the San Marcos, TX hair studio! I performed while an art show took place inside the studio. Lots of people came to wish the owners well while enjoying wine and Greek food. Immediately following my performance, a belly dancer took the floor to entertain the folks. Great weather and a cool space filled with nice people made for a great evening.

AJ's Ale House 9/30/11

I was setting up at the club in New Braunfels, TX when I found out a scheduling error had been made for the drummer, Joe Resnick. He was sent to the wrong club, and was trying to make it to AJ's as fast as he could. No problem, though. It just meant that the beginning of the show, I played solo piano, then when he arrived, we busted into the more rock stuff. Good crowd, fun night, and Joe sounded great as usual!