Friday, March 25, 2011

J's Bistro 3/24/11

I jammed with Taxi Haskell (on drums) for the big return of their "Piano Bar Thursday Nights" in San Marcos, TX. I had a good time, and I had lots of great and unusual requests. Taxi is super-easy to perform with, and the people were definitely out to have a good time. A couple of birthday girls came up and followed instructions on "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", and the crowd ate it up. I'll be back next Thursday night to party again!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Private Party 3/19/11

Rob Roy Parnell invited me to perform with him, as well as with Ralph "Coffee Boy" Johnson, Chris Wallis, and J.P. Whitefield tonight at a private birthday party in Dripping Springs, TX. We ran through a couple of hours of Rob's tunes, and a I even sang a couple. These guys are really a talented bunch of musicians, and I'm looking forward to working with them a bunch!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Coffee Pot Bistro 3/18/11

Only one small technical glitch with the pick-up attached to the piano made me stop about an hour into my three hour set. After I fixed it, I continued playing for the crowd drinking coffee and Taylor, the barista. I played a whole slew of originals, as well as some Beatles and Professor Longhair favorites. This is spring break in a college town, plus SXSW in Austin, so the crowd was a bit thin, but very appreciative, as was I for them. I'll be back soon at the Coffee Pot!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gruene Hall 3/13/11

Rob Roy Parnell celebrated his 50th birthday in New Braunfels with a huge party at "Texas' Oldest Dance Hall", the famous Gruene Hall. He invited a bunch of great musicians out to perform, including his brother, Lee Roy Parnell. There was cake and a huge crowd and never less than nine musicians on the stage at any given moment. I brought two keyboard rigs (one for each side of the stage), and I rotated with four other great keyboard players all night. Lots of special guest singer/songwriters came up to perform with the band. As we were setting up, the sound crew was nervous because of the sheer number of amps and people who were performing together, but it sounded great. Sax, trumpet, two piano players, at least three guitar players, bass, drums and Rob Roy on harmonica made a thunderous wall of sound. This was a great introduction for me into the world of Texas dance halls!
On stage with Lee Roy and Rob Roy Parnell

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zilker Park Clubhouse 3/11/11

My first official band gig in Texas was a bunch of fun. It was in Austin at the clubhouse in Zilker Park for a private party. Pat Whitefield on bass, Chris Wallis on drums, and I were joined for a few tunes by Kira Withrow, who sang beautifully. We ran through about 75 minutes worth of stuff on a cool March evening. I'm looking forward to playing a bunch with the new Texas version of Dan Holmes Group!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zydeco's 3/8/11

Oh, Mardi Gras, how I love you so! Random costumes and King Cake and shrimp and gumbo and jambalya and music and much, much more. I was really happy to perform with Bill Ritter, Steve Brunner and Jake Hahn one more time before leaving for home in Texas. A woman named Sharon tore the roof off on one song, "Summertime", with us. She sings every year, and is always amazing. Also, 15 years ago, the owners of Zydeco's, Deb and Carter, met at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so in honor of the occasion, Deb bought Carter a smart car!!! He was thrilled, and everyone took turns walking out to take pictures of the happy couple. Eventful Mardi Gras!!!!
Deb Gave Carter A New Smart Car!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SUMC Childcare 3/8/11

Happy Mardi Gras from all the kids at the daycare! We played for the children so they could parade around the loop of their school, while the teachers threw beads and doubloons to them. They danced and sang to classic New Orleans tunes like "Big Chief" and "I'm Walkin'". They ate King (cup)Cakes, and even crowned a king and queen of the Mardi Gras parade. The kids are always a good audience when we get a chance to perform for them!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zydeco's 3/6/11

Brunch in Mooresville, IN was fun this morning! The one and only Bill Ritter (not the ex-basketball coach or the ex-governor of Colorado) joined Jake Hahn, Steve Brunner and myself to play some New Orleans classics to gear everyone up for Mardi Gras. Chris Wolf (dressed as Joey Ramone) showed up and performed during our break. I really enjoyed performing with the guys today (and last night). It makes me sad I couldn't take them all with me to Texas, but I'm glad I still get to play with them from time to time! Quote of the gig: "You started off as Joey Ramone and ended as Gallagher."
Chris Wolf at Zydeco's brunch

7th & 8th UCC 3/6/11

I was able to perform one more time before heading back to Texas for the congregation in Indianapolis. I sang "What A Wonderful World" during the offertory before I had to quickly leave to make it to Zydeco's in Mooresville, IN to perform for their brunch. I'll see everyone at 7th & 8th next time I'm in Indianapolis!

Zydeco's 3/5/11

What a party in Moorseville, IN it was tonight! Jack Joseph wore his whitest cousin Eddie shoes, while Jake Hahn went opposite with his black & white ensemble. Steve Brunner and I did not coordinate with them, so we just looked normal. The crowd was crazy, and I had so much fun watching everyone dance to the most random set list we've ever played. I was pulling out Mardi Gras classics and rock tunes, blues shuffles, and ballads for about six hours of music! The costumes were great, and my only view of a down side is I stayed late, and tomorrow I play a church service, then I'm back here for brunch! Time for bed...
The Party Crowd at Zydeco's