Friday, April 29, 2011

Baker's Street Pub & Grill 4/28/11

Chris Wallis came back from Vegas (where all he won was a cold) and rejoined Pat and I at Baker's Street in Austin tonight. We had a fantastic crowd, and we played a bunch of new tunes for them. On our first break, I had a couple come up and tell me how much they enjoyed all the New Orleans piano tunes we were playing and then ask me about a few other Austin musicians, none of which I knew. They were surprised I wasn't "in the know" until I told them I had just moved to the area recently. When they asked where I moved here from, I told them Indiana, to which they responded, "I didn't know the bayou stretched that far north."

Best compliment of the evening.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wake The Dead 4/22/11

I enjoyed performing at Wake The Dead in San Marcos tonight. My awesome wife, Christine, showed up and took some photos while I did my thing. She even decided to challenge me by calling out some tunes for me to play, ones which she knew I have never tried before. Fun time as always!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Baker's Street Pub 4/22/11

Chris Wallis was out of town this weekend, so Pat Whitefield and I had the pleasure of working with Mark Hays on drums for our show in Austin, TX! It was warm, but not hot, so playing out on the deck was really great. The crowd was pretty into what we were playing, and I can hardly wait for next week!

Friday, April 15, 2011

J's Bistro 4/14/11

Sweet songs like "As Time Goes By" were requested tonight in San Marcos, TX, as well as odd favorites like "Hold On, I'm Coming" and other requests I've never seen. I had a good time performing with Taxi Haskell (on drums), and we slammed tons of tunes straight through for about two-and-a-half hours. It seemed like about every third table was celebrating a birthday, so we did a bunch of call-downs for the crowd. Busy night for a Thursday!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

J's Bistro 4/8/11

So I finished my show at the Coffee Pot and walked over to the show here at J's Bistro to perform with birthday boy, Taxi Haskell, on drums. We did one long set from 11p-2a, doing everything from Beatles to Journey to Guns N Roses to B-52's. All night long, the requests kept coming up, and all night long, Taxi and I just knocked them down! Fun night...Happy B-Day, Taxi!

Coffee Pot 4/8/11

J.P. Whitefield and Chris Wallis joined me to perform at the Coffee Pot in San Marcos, where we made a bunch of new fans. I like playing for people, but I really like playing for people on an acoustic piano! As always, Chris and Pat were on top of all the tunes, and as always, I enjoyed playing with them. First show of the night was from 8p-10p, then I packed up and walked half-a-block down to my next show...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baker's St. Pub & Grill 4/7/11

DHG played for a crawfish boil at an Irish pub on south Lamar St., in Austin, TX. From 5p - 9p, the crowd grew and grew to listen to our tunes. Chris Wallis never fails to impress on the drums, and with Pat Whitefield holding down the low end, they make a great rhythm section. I even pulled out about half-a-dozen tunes they had never played over the course of the evening, and they knocked them out of the park. I love my job!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zilker Park 4/2/11

DHG in Zilker Park
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We performed for a crawfish boil in Austin for an early afternoon gig. The crowd rolled in as we ran through our songs, and the smell of the boil was teasing us the longer we played! This was a great event to benefit Flatwater Foundation, an organization supporting those diagnosed with cancer and their families with mental health therapy and support. We were proud to take part in the event!

Friday, April 1, 2011

J's Bistro 3/31/11

After I finished performing about 3 hours of music at Wake The Dead, I headed about a mile north to take some requests for tunes, which I then played with the very talented Taxi Haskell on drums. We had a decent crowd and few birthdays in the house. This was my second week at J's, and I'll return in a couple weeks! Fun place, everyone should try to make it out next time I perform there!

Wake The Dead 3/31/11

The guys sounded fantastic tonight at the cool coffee house in San Marcos, TX. We performed for the few people who wandered in, and took the opportunity to make some new fans (hi, new fans!). My wife showed up and snapped a few shots of us (thanks, darlin'), and I really enjoyed my night!