Thursday, April 29, 2010

Loughmiller's Pub 4/29/10

Bill Ritter and I performed in downtown Indy. this afternoon for the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. We started off light and jazzy, but before we finished, we were playing and singing most of our New Orleans stuff. Thanks to the lawyers for having us perform for them once again!

Dan Holmes and Bill Ritter play for ITLA Lincoln Watches Dan and Bill

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arts Garden 4/28/10

Downtown Indianapolis hosted a noon concert at the cool space known as the Arts Garden. It sits right over an intersection, and is made of glass! Very cool structure. We had a good lunch crowd, and had some new fans follow us there. Of course, I was really happy because I had a chance to perform on their Steinway grand piano. Cool!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leroy's Hot Stuff 4/24/10

Bill, Joe and I joined up with Duke in Porter, IN immediately following our show at the orchard to perform for a good crowd at Leroy's. The people sang along and danced. This was the first show we had a chance to perform with Duke with the new P.A. and it sounded great. Also, good food from Leroy's is always a plus for this show!
Joe Maddox at Leroy's Duke solos at Leroy's

County Line Orchards 4/24/10

"Beatles At The Barn" in Hobart, Indiana was a huge success. Three bands each performed an hour of Beatles music for a fund raiser put on by the orchard. Chris & Lou (with their band) was up first, then we took the stage as a trio, and the night ended with the Crawpuppies. I can't even begin to guess how many hundreds of people attended this event. The photos are a good starting point for how massive the building is. The stage is center of three huge barns, with a full balcony around the top. We played lots of the later Beatles stuff like "Martha My Dear", "Sexy Sadie", "Get Back" and many more! As soon as we hit our last note, we had to pack up and go off to our next show, which was about 20 minutes away. Our thanks to Tom Collins and his staff at the orchard for making this one of my favorite shows I've done to date!
Rain Behind Bill Ritter Rain Behind Joseph Maddox Dan Holmes singing
Dan Holmes Group takes the stage
Dan Holmes plays a solo Dan Holmes Group at County Line Orchard Joe Maddox
Big Crowd At County Line Orchard
The Amazing Joseph Maddox Bill Ritter at County Line Orchard Bill in the barn

7th & 8th UCC 4/23/10

DHG's Free Concert
Originally uploaded by Dan Holmes Group
Due to weight factors on my equipment trailer, I had to purchase a new, lighter (and more powerful) P.A. system. I did this early in the week, and decided that before we play a bunch of shows with all-new gear somewhere far from home, we should do a test-run. We had an unusual Friday night free, so I contacted the church about hosting a free show. About 50 people showed for our last-minute event, and everyone had a great time. Our new P.A. sounds great, and I couldn't be happier with the size and weight of it! Come out to a show and see for yourself!
Bill Ritter at 7th & 8th Joseph Maddox at 7th & 8th Dan Holmes at 7th & 8thDHG at 7th & 8th
Thanks so much to the folks at 7th & 8th for helping us put this together so quickly!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Indiana Live Casino 4/17/10

Once again, the Shelbyville casino had some of the strangest dancers we've seen. The strangest was an older guy who would do about a 70% splits, then drop to his hands and repeatedly thrust on the floor. Over and over and over again.
We performed four 40 minute sets (as requested by the casino), and watched the crowd as they watched the thrusting-dance guy. Weird.
Duke Tumatoe at Indiana Live Casino Joe Maddox at Indiana Live Casino Bill Ritter at Indiana Live Casino

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indiana Live Casino 4/16/10

Four sets with Duke tonight at the casino in Shelbyville, three of them filled with odd dancing and an appreciative crowd, one set was just people closing down the bar. We always see the most interesting dancing at the casino for some reason. Tonight we had one guy who primarily danced on just one leg, and there were some mismatched dance partners, but everyone was having fun.

On one of our breaks, Bill Ritter and I went over to the dueling piano club in the casino and sat in for a couple of Beatles tunes. I'm ready for bed now. Good night!
Joe Maddox at Indiana Live Casino

Friday, April 16, 2010

Howl At The Moon 4/16/10

Tonight was jam-packed full of people out to have a good time. Rob, Jay, Joanna, and Rick dueled against me all night long. Wait...
Against me? With me? Which is it?
It doesn't really matter because it was more of a team effort to involve the crowd rather than pitting us against each other. Whatever. It was fun, and I'm going to bed now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blues Club 4/10/10

The club was packed tonight for us in Mt. Prospect, IL! We took the stage (after driving about 4 hours) at 9:30p and played until 1:00a, then we packed up and drove home (again, 4 hours). I enjoyed the gig, but sometimes the driving gets to me. I'd much rather stay over and play another show before coming home, but I'm not complaining. I'm just glad I get to perform for a living! The band was tight tonight, and and old friend of Duke's took some photos for me. Thanks, Lloyd!
Bill Ritter at Blues Club Duke Tumatoe at Blues Club Joseph Maddox at Blues Club

Monday, April 5, 2010

Zydeco's 4/4/10

Easter brunch was fun with Jake Hahn on guitar and Bill Ritter on bass. Those two really pulled together and covered the fact that Joe Maddox had some breathing issues this morning which landed him in the ER just before the gig, so he obviously couldn't make the show. He is doing fine, and we wish his well!
Jake is one amazing guitarist, and I feel lucky to perform with him. We've only done a few shows together now, but each time he gets more and more comfortable with the group. Bill and I were only functioning on about three hours of sleep, but the energy somehow emerged from performing (and Zydeco's great food)! I hope everyone who hasn't been out to see us in a while can come check out Jake with DanHolmesGroup soon!

Bayview Gardens 4/3/10

We hook up our gear trailer and headed to Richland, MI. During the 4+ hour trip there, we went through some spring showers which resulted in on of the most vivid rainbows I think I've ever seen. Even the violet was shining bright, and at one point, it became a double rainbow. Cool.
The show was at Bayview Gardens, a soon-to-be-but-not-yet smoke-free club. Needless to say, it was pretty smokey by the time we packed our gear to head home. The show was fun and the people who were there were great, but this being the eve of Easter and it being the night Michigan played (and lost to) Butler U in the Final Four made the crowd thinner than we had hoped. We still had fun and drove the 4+ hours to reach home by 6:00am. I was off to bed as soon as we got home because I had to be up again in three hours to make it to our brunch gig at Zydeco's by 11:00am!
Rainbow  Over The Highway Joe Maddox Shows His Injured Wrist