Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jack's Roadhouse 10/29/12

San Marcos, TX has a cool music scene, and I'm glad we have a chance to be a part of it on Monday nights at Jack's. Ian lee and I performed with, as I found out tonight, male-model Chris Wallis. During a break between our funky sets of fun New Orleans tunes and my originals, Chris informed us that his first paying gig was as a child, modeling for a sleeping bag ad in an outdoor catalogue. So, in my mind, he is now the male model of the band.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Billy's Ice 10/28/12

Tonight, I performed in New Braunfels, TX with The Hill Country Gentlemen. They perform a good blend of Americana, rock and country with a bit of blues thrown in for good measure. Being so close to Halloween, we all wore costumes! Jeremiah Sawyer (bass) was an ape, Peter Lyman (drums) went as Fred Flintstone, Kevin Humphrey (guitar) was the banana for the ape, and Troy Stone (acoustic & harmonica) showed off his best beach bum. I wore my favorite Mardi Gras mask, and had a great time performing with the Gentlemen!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

AJ's Ale House MF 10/27/12

Another massive night in Marble Falls, TX tonight with the talented Joe Resnick (drums) and yours truly performing all the requests we could hope for! A couple of big parties started the night off right (one party with newlyweds from earlier in the afternoon, and one party celebrating triple birthdays) and we helped them get their groove on by playing all the tunes they wanted! It's always a pleasure to do a show with Joe, and tonight was no different. Thanks, Marble Falls!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Farmer's Market 10/27/12

At 11:30am, Chris Wallis (drums), Ian Lee (guitar) and I hit our first note to entertain the farmer's market goers in San Marcos, TX today. I had lots of fun performing more stripped-down versions of most of our tunes. Ian brought his acoustic, while Chris used brushes on his kick/snare setup. The farmer's market is always a nice time, but today was even better than usual because the temperature was in the low 50's, instead of the 90's like earlier in the week. Ian and I traded off vocals, and the band sounded tight. I had lots of people ask where they could see our full show next, so of course I had to plug our weekly gig at Jack's. See you Monday night at 9:30pm at Jack's Roadhouse in San Marcos!

AJ's Ale House NB 10/26/12

I had the crowd singing "Friends In Low Places" by themselves so I could sneak over to take a picture with the great Chris Wallis tonight in New Braunfels! They were dancing and singing simultaneously! We had a great crowd, and they were full of requests. It didn't occur to me until way too late that the party was rocking so much, we didn't even take a break. Party on!

Friday, October 26, 2012

AJ's Ale House MF 10/25/12

Tonight, unbeknownst to us, a huge Halloween party was already happening as Joe Resnick and I walked in to the cool Marble Falls, TX club. We were the featured entertainment! Great costumes all around (including a woman dressed as Elvis) and decorations were everywhere, like the huge spider on the piano. Of course, we played lots of creepy classics like Adams Family and Thriller, but there was no shortage of Tom Petty or Queen! Lots of fun all around for everyone who made it out to AJ's in Marble Falls tonight!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jack's Roadhouse 10/22/12

Tonight at Jack's in San Marcos, TX, Chris Wallis, Ian Lee and I laid down the funk for another fun Monday show! Each time we perform at Jack's, we end up with more and more folks hanging out to listen to our tunes and play one of the many games scattered throughout the bar. We had some fellow musicians in the audience, a few regulars, and a couple of big tables of first timers at Jack's. Next week should be an even bigger show, so tell all your friends to meet us at Jack's!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

AJ's Ale House MF 10/20/12

Vince Mejia and I chilled out in the green room in between our sets tonight in Marble Falls, TX! He played beats while I tried to play every crazy request which hit the piano. Songs like "Money For Nothing", "Copperhead Road", "Love Shack" and "Suspicious Minds" all were played! The crowd sang along to almost every tune, and the evening was full of fun people!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Foodstock 10/20/12

Foodstock in San Marcos, TX this afternoon was fantastic! Not too hot, with a nice breeze and a growing crowd made for a great gig. Chris Wallis (drums) and Ian Lee (guitar) sounded amazing as they played many tunes with me! I was approached by many folks afterwards to find out more about the band, so I'm sure we'll be seen again sometime soon. This concert series is sponsored by Tantra Coffeehouse and The Root Cellar restaurant to benefit the Hays County Food Bank. Please join them on their next big show!

AJ's Ale House NB 10/19/12

New Braunfels, TX witnessed the talented Mikey Gammon on drums tonight, while I played all the requests on piano! We had a great group of people singing and dancing through all of our tunes. "Betty Davis Eyes", "Schools Out", "Yellow Submarine" and "Baby Got Back" all were requests and performed! Good night all of you party goers!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jack's Roadhouse 10/15/12

Another fun night of music with my talented friends in San Marcos, TX tonight! Ian Lee (guitar) and Chris Wallis (drums) sounded fantastic, and we made several new fans. As we played our tunes, the crowd danced and enjoyed themselves, and approached us regularly to compliment the band. It felt great having people involved in the music, and I'm sure next Monday will bring even more people out!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

State Fair of Texas 10/13/12

Today, I performed three sets of rocking, good-time blues at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas with Rob Roy Parnell. The band included the talented Sarah Brown on bass, the funky Chris Wallis on drums, the soulful Ralph Ibarra on guitar, and the smooth horns of Bill Eden on sax and Chris Curiel on trumpet. It was a great day to be on the big stage as it was breezy and not too sunny. I do enjoy performing with the big band!

Friday, October 12, 2012

AJ's Ale House NB 10/11/12

New Braunfels, TX has AJ's, and AJ's had Joe Resnick and I tonight! We played a whole slew of songs for the people, many songs of which I had never played before. Joe kept up with our night of "yes" (meaning, we said yes to play every song on the piano), and we had a great crowd. Join me next week back at AJ's!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jack's Roadhouse 10/8/12

Tonight, DHG took on the crowd in San Marcos with the help of John Wayne and The Most Interesting Man In The World. Chris Wallis (drums) sang a couple tunes, and Ian Lee played the most notes (14) I've ever heard. The band sounded great, and we'll be back at Jack's every Monday this month!

Location:W Hopkins St,San Marcos,United States

Sunday, October 7, 2012

AJ's Ale House MF 10/6/12

Tonight in Marble Falls, Texas, Joe Resnick and I entertained the crowd once again! For the first three hours of the show, the requests were mostly upbeat, very rocking tunes. Joe and I obliged, and kept the crowd on their feet! By the time the fourth hour rolled around, I think the crowd was tired and a bit inebriated, because all of our requests were slow songs. Thanks to everyone who came out to AJ's tonight!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

AJ's Ale House 10/5/12

Joe Resnick and I performed for the folks in New Braunfels, TX once again tonight, and it was good! Joe is always fun for the crowd, and I always enjoy our shows! There were a half a dozen birthdays in the audience, so we had several call downs over the course of the night. The people were very complimentary after the show, and I look forward to the next AJ's show!