Sunday, June 4, 2017

Krause Springs 6/3/17

Spicewood, Texas got a whole mess of rain today, but we played for a bunch of trail runners, so rain means nothing! My wife Christine was with me and helped with setup, then went to volunteer for the race. As the runners were hanging out before and after their various races, DanHolmesGroup played a bunch of tunes for them. Ian Lee, Chris Wallis, Kevin Humphrey and I locked in together through a bunch of tunes, some of which we tried for the first time today!
We were first in what was supposed to be a three-band line up, but when Shady Rest Band took the stage, they were only able to get about four songs in before power started flickering due to lightening in the area, so we shut it down for a while. We waited to see if the storms would pass, but the rain was persistent. The Hill Country Gentlemen were supposed to be third on the stage, but as all the Gents pulled into the park, the storms began to flare up again. They helped us pack up, but it was still great to see everyone again!